Conflict Analysis

& Negotiations


An expert who can help to prevent and resolve conflicts effectively, sustainably and with integrity.

Conflicts cost money, take time and consume energy.

The effective prevention and resolution of conflicts requires an expert who knows how to analyse them astutely and who understands the art of negotiation.

Sauveterre has the expertise it takes.

We strive to achieve lasting solutions by taking the interests of all stakeholders into account. This helps prevent claims, legal fees and negative energy. Our approach has proven to be both sound and effective.

Sauveterre was founded by Aernoud Bourdrez, a specialist in analysing conflicts and negotiating solutions. Aernoud Bourdrez regularly publishes on the topic of conflicts and negotiation. His book Think Like a Lawyer. Don’t Act Like One is an international bestseller.



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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them
— Albert Einstein